How Do Expert Soccer Tipsters Predict Matches?

How Do Expert Soccer Tipsters Predict Matches?

When you bet on soccer with your hard-earned money, you will want to win every time. While it may not be possible to win every time, it is possible to improve your chances of winning and generate profits in the long term. One of the best ways to do so is to make accurate predictions. While you can get the help of a soccer prediction site where there are hundreds of tipsters providing their predictions and tips, it helps to get an understanding of how they work.


Are Soccer Predictions All About Luck?

Tipsters follow well-researched standard procedures to predict matches. You may be a great fan of one or more teams and know a lot about them. You may also remember their previous meetings and the outcomes. No matter how much information you have about two teams, their players, or even the entire league, you cannot make as effective predictions as an experienced tipster.


How Do Expert Tipsters Predict Soccer Matches?

Professional tipsters take the following factors into account when predicting soccer matches.


Before you start the process of making football predictions, it is important to know which variables are taken into account by experts. They use a wide range of related data to predict the outcomes against different types of markets.

Team performance data is one of the most important types of data they take into account. These data types include each team’s:

  • Possession Percentage
  • Goal Differential
  • Shots on Goal
  • Shots on Target
  • Location of Shots

If you were to make accurate predictions like the professionals, you should gather all this data. It will be required to collect data on at least the last 10 matches of both the teams. You will soon find out how time-consuming the process of data collection can be. And developing algorithms to come to a sound conclusion can take even longer. So it is best to get the help of a prediction site that lists tips from professional tipsters.



Goal Differential

Goal differential is one of the most useful data about a soccer game. This type of data is also readily available. Having said that, it can often be random because soccer matches can often end up in unexpected outcomes. But that doesn’t mean that you can ignore the importance of goal differential when predicting a match. It will also be required to check the past matches of both the teams to make more accurate predictions.


Shots on Goal

The following points should help you understand how this variable is used by experts to make predictions:

  • From a statistical perspective, if a team tries more shots at the goal, there is a higher chance that they will strike
  • Each shot for goal is unique
  • You will have to gather data related to possession and the number of shots and goal shots
  • Assessing the data can help you determine which team has higher possession percentage and is capable of making better shots

This information can help you predict the team that is more likely to score more.


Shots Location

Tipsters also take into account data related to location of shots when making soccer predictions.

  • It is often noticed that many times are capable of making their scoring shots from a specific position on the field.
  • Similarly, the opposite side can have a tendency to deliver best defense from specific areas on the field.
  • Taking into account the potential of shots from different areas on the field can help you make predictions about successful goals and defenses.


Home Advantage

These data sets are not just enough for tipsters to make accurate predictions. The experts on a reliable soccer prediction site will also take into account other factors. Home field advantage is perhaps the biggest of those additional factors.

Statistics easily show that teams with home field advantage have a very high success rate. So if you want to predict soccer matches like the experts, you will have to learn how to assess this factor as well.

  • Studies show that teams playing on home field have a goal edge of over 0.74
  • The higher crowd density of home side has a positive impact on the hosts and potentially negative influence on the visiting side
  • The visiting team’s offense is usually more cautious when visiting. They tend not to take too many risks, especially during the initial phase.

Home ground advantage continues to be an important factor in determining the outcome of a match where one team is hosting the game. As a general rule, the home teams tend to score more goals than normal. They are likely to concede fewer goals than normal. In fact, the win rate for home teams is almost 50%. All this information should help you make more effective predictions when you are betting on such games.



Team Lineup

This is another important factor considered by the experts. Most soccer teams have their few set of strong strikers and defense players. Check whether those players are on the team roaster. Look for any news of injuries or suspensions related to these key players.

It is these players who play the most important role most of the time to help the team score and defend effectively and win. It is also recommended to factor in new players who may be known for their high potential. Since such players can be unpredictable, their impact on the match can be significant.


Goal Expectancy

This is one of the easiest forms of soccer data to find. Such data is available on soccer forums. You can also check match previews where commentators provide key information about potential goals. This data can also be evaluated based on ball possession rates of both the teams. It is recommended to gather data related to goal expectancy from multiple sources. This can provide you better insight for goal potential between the two sides.

There are even more factors that need to be taken into account. It is best to get the help of a soccer prediction site to make your task simpler and faster.

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