How Does Possession Percentage Influence Soccer Matches?

How Does Possession Percentage Influence Soccer Matches?

Successful soccer betting requires you to rely on the skills, knowledge, and experience of soccer betting tipsters. These professionals conduct intensive research and data analysis before making accurate predictions for different soccer markets. Ball possession is one of most important of these factors. Find out what it means and how much impact does this factor have on the outcome of a match.


Soccer & Possession

It is easy to comprehend possession in American football, where this term translates into offense on the field. It is has a different meaning in soccer and different influence. The definition of possession in soccer is simple: a player is temporarily closest to the ball compared to any other player and has control over it. One thing about this statistic is that it is quite difficult to measure it accurately in this sport. While one report can claim it to be 50% for one side, another report can claim it to be 52%.


How Does Possession Matter?

Possession is used a way of measuring dominance. The side that has higher percentage of possession is expected to dictate the direction of the match. This factor also helps in creating more opportunities for the side to score.

Soccer is more of a game where everyone is passing the ball around. Each player spends an average of no more than a second to touch the ball when they have it in their control. It is often considered to be one of the subjective statistics because it seems to reflect how a team looks in action. While many experts take give huge emphasis to this factor, many others consider that making more passes than the other side doesn’t matter much if the ball cannot be put into the net. Does this mean that possession rate is not of any consequence in a game?


Possession & Player Skills

Many people believe that possession is an unreliable factor for predicting the outcome of a soccer match. Shots on goal is considered to be an even more important and reliable factor. While the latter may be considered to be true, the former is not entirely true.

A higher possession rate is almost always a sign of a better team. When a team plays successful possession football, it can never be claimed that they have players with inferior skills. So it would be wrong to assume that this factor is not taken seriously by soccer betting tipsters. A team having players with higher skill levels is more likely to score in a match. This point makes possession percentage a very important indicator of how a match is likely to turn out.




Possession Percentage Vs Errors

Players having lower skill levels are much more likely to do the following:

  • Make mistakes when handling the ball.
  • Make wrong passes
  • Make major mistakes in a high-pressure situation

Possession requires any player to have good skill levels to handle the situation well. This may seem to clearly mean that teams with higher possession has better players and is more likely to win.

However, that is not always true. When players with inferior skill levels try to keep more possession, it has often been found to be counterproductive for their team.

With regard to possession you should keep the following points in mind:

  • A soccer match is won most of the time by the side that commits fewer errors
  • The team that provokes more mistakes in the opposition is more likely to win a match
  • A team or player who has more possession is also more likely to make mistakes
  • Whenever someone has the ball, they are more afraid of making mistakes
  • When someone gives away the possession of the ball, their chances of making mistakes reduce
  • When someone doesn’t have the ball, they can be considered to be stronger

Successful football coaches and experts also claim that when a team plays away from home, the focus should be on encouraging the opposition to make more mistakes. Teams should not focus on trying to look superior to the other side. It is not of any consequence unless they score with the same level of dexterity as their possession rate.


Types of Possession

There are different types of possessions and you should know about them to understand how to make predictions:

  • Individual Possession: This form of possession begins when a player can perform an action with the ball. It lasts only as long as the individual possession of another player starts.
  • Team Possession: This form of possession begins when one of the players in the team has individual possession. It comes to an end when the individual possession of a player of the opposite team begins.
  • Individual Ball Action: This form of possession is unique. It starts when a player performs an action with the football without having individual possession prior to that action. It comes to an end when that player is unable to perform the action.




Thus, it can be concluded that there is a relation between possession and winning. However, the quality of possession should also be taken into account. The best soccer betting tipsters take into account the skill levels of the players on both sides to determine this quality. From the perspective of a team player or coach, it is expected to keep as high a possession percentage as possible. It is for you as a bettor to find out the quality of that possession.

Numerous studies have been conducted on studying the relationship between possession percentage and winning. While a relationship has been established, these studies have not been conclusive as to the exact nature of the relation. The position on the field where the possession has been held is also considered to have a big impact on the outcome of a match. At the same time, many other factors have been known to influence soccer matches. So the conclusion is that while this is an important factor for soccer betting tipsters, its influence can vary based on many sub-factors.

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